Plechová Huba is an ultimate degustative event which lures hundreds of chilli lovers to Prague every year. As first in Czech Republic we have organized a contest where contestants could compare their endurance over various food with raising spiciness. Event became so popular that this year we are organizing 9th sequel and people all around Czech Republic cant wait for the registration to start. Plechová Huba is not just a brutal contest though! - Its happening where you can talk about chilli, share experiences, exchange seeds, buy special sauces and enjoy a nice afternoon with chilli!

When and where?

17.11.2017 from 12:00 in Prague - Meet Factory!


18.10.2017 - Schedule added!
12:00 - Doors / registration
14:00 - End of registration / Pochutnejsi cooking show
14:30 - Start of the contest
16:00 - End of the contest
16:30 - Raffle
17:00 - Announcement of the winners
17:30 - Afterparty (Otus Hobst liveset)
21.06.2017 - English version of the website!
We have created English version of the website for non-czech speakers



17th November 2017

1. Vratislav Klička
2. Daniel Všetečka
3. Vladimír Konvalinka

4. Pavel Burdák
5. Libor Fila
6.-11. Jan Všetečka, Petra Stádníková, Michal Volráb, Michal Halmich, Jana Matoušková, Matúš Mlynár
12.-13. Zdeněk Fryč, Jan Brunnhofer
14.-16. Martin Nebesář, Jakub Bokoč, Petr Čerivohorský
17.-20. Adam Paneš, Kryštov Babjuk, Milan Švrček, Jakub Knot

Meet Factory

  1. Glowing Magma – Chilli sauce of peppers TSM a 7 POT (cca 250.000 SHU)
  2. Pekelný koráb – A slice of roll with sauce „Z“ Nothing Beyond (700.000 SHU), sausage, cheese and 1/2 pepper Bhut jolokia (1 mil. SHU) + ginger chilli lemonade with Trinidad scorpion Brain strain yellow
  3. Beef ragú with pickles, mushrooms, red onion, dill with chilli Carolina Reaper + jasmine rice – made by Chilli point
  4. Moruga Macronburger – Pulled beef with relish of Carolina reaper in a dried Moruga - made by Palíto a Vozovna bistro
  5. The bucket of misery – peppers and sauces of carious spiciness 10.000 – 2 mil. SHU)
  6. BO without PHO – Vietnamese soup with chilli Trinidad scorpion (1 mil. SHU) and extract (9 mil SHU) + pepper 7 Pot Wes (1,2 mil. SHU)
  7. Vindaloo – Chicken vindaloo with Bhut jolokia and 7 pot with a proper portion of Psycho Serum (9 mil SHU)
  8. Blood of devils tail (Jupík) – Tomato Juice with extract (9 mil. SHU)
  9. Shootout
    • a) chilli sauce El Chamán 666 (cca 666k SHU)
    • a) chilli sauce The 2nd assault (cca 1 mil SHU)
    • b) chilli pepper Trinidad moruga scorpion (up to 2 mil. SHU)
    • c) chilli sauce Extreme prejudice (cca 2 mil. SHU)
    • d) chilli pepper Fatalii „Jig saw“ gourmet (up to 2 mil. SHU)
    • e) chilli extract Psycho serum (9 mil. SHU)
    • f) chilli pepper Carolina reaper (up to 2,2 mil. SHU)
    • g) chilli extract Psycho serum in hot stew

17th November 2016

1. Zdeněk Fryč 2. Radim Řehůřek 3. Daniel Všetečka

Meet Factory Gallery Menu Photoreport on tyden.cz Article on tyden.cz

17th November 2015

1. Daniel Všetečka 2. Jan Kolašín 3. Petr Habrda

4. - 5. Filip Marek a Marian Mráv 6. - 7. Michal Valášek a Tomáš Jelínek 8. - 15. Tomáš Mar, Ondřej Kulovaný, Jakub Parobek, Pavel Mikula, Marcel Mika, Jakub Bokoc, Richard Bláha, Jakub Průcha 16. - 18. Jakub Kocourek, Martin Staňo, Tomáš Kopáček 19. - 20. Milan Švrček a Aleš Hlůžek

Futurum Music Bar Gallery Menu Article on OnaDnes Interview in magazine Květy

28th October 2014

1. Pavel Šesták, 2. Michal Valášek, 3. Jiří Löffler

4.-9. Tomáš Már, Milan Půlkrábek, Jakub Parobek, Jan Němec, Mikuláš Svoboda, Tomáš Hlůžek, 10.-11. Dominique Pillerů, Leoš Pýcha, 12. Neil Hunt, 13.-15. Filip Janků, Jan Soukup, Tomáš Kropáček, 16.-18. Kristýna Kotalíková, Miroslav Švrček, Jan Hamouz, 19.-20. Martin Staňo, Milan Švrček.

Futurum Music Bar Gallery Menu

16th November 2013

1. Jirka Löffler, 2. Pavel Šesták, 3. Petr Habrda

4. David Čípek, 5-8. Roman Kalista, Mikuláš Svoboda, Petr Kopiště, Neil Hunt, 9-12. Jan Bruncko, Daniel Beneš, Michal Valášek, Jan Němec, 13. Josef Hájek, 14. Bohumil Hlůžek, 15. Milan Švrček, 16-17. Christo Petrov Sokolov, Antonín Soukup, 18. Michal Kováč, 19. Jan Tesař

Futurum Music Bar Gallery Article on Idnes.cz Menu

17th November 2012

1. Jan Bruncko, 2. Petr Kantor, 3.-4. Radek Nádvorník a Pavel Šesták

Hoodoo Music Club Gallery Vindaloo recipe Menu

17th November 2011

1. Jan Bruncko, 2. Jan Pánek, 3. Luboš Přívozník

4. Roman Lukeš 5. - 11. Zbyněk Barvínek, Ondřej Gargulák, Daniela Gaislerová, Karel Štambera, Petr Beneš, Petr Bašta, Radek Nádvorník 12. - 13. Milan Švrček, Roman Brejcha 14. Daniel Kolář

Hells Bells Rockin Pub Video
2010 Listopad

17th November 2010

Second, or officially first installment of ultimate degustative chilli eating contest. Volunteers trying their limits were many. Organized by Pavel Kudrna

TaKavárna Gallery
2010 Květen

1st May 2010

"They could enjoy a beautiful sunny day and have a 1st may leisure...Instead they decided to voluntarily choose a day full of pain, humiliation and self-denial". Organized by Martin Lohner

Hells Bells Beer Pub Video

If you want to compete on Plechová Huba 2017, registrations will be held on the day of the contest from 12:00 by the entrance to the club!

Rules of the contest

1) Only registered contestant with a number can sit to the contest table

2) Contestant must be at least 18 years old

3) Every contestant will sign a statement of honor that he will not hold organizers responsible for a possible physical or psychical harm caused by the spiciness of food and that he is fully aware of the nature of these and takes full responsibility.

4) Only food given by organizers can be consumed during the contest.

5) Contestants are allowed to consume any drinks during the contest except for milk / fat / yogurt products and alcoholic beverages with more than 15% of alcohol.

6) Organizer is allowed to measure the level of alcohol in contestants blood before or during the contest. Maximum allowed level of alcohol in breath is 0,3°% before the contest and 0,5°% during the contest.

7) Every round has its own time limit. If contestant cannot finish the round in time he is disqualified.

8) Every contestant who finishes his food will let the organizers know by raising his or her hand.

9) If contestant does not want to continue he will put down is number and raise it above his head or he will report to organizers in some other manner he will be able to accomplish.

10) Everyone who gives up will receive a milk or yogurt to ease down the stomach.

11) Contestant must stay at the table for the whole time of the contest. Exception is made during the main break where contestants will be told to leave the table. Organizers are allowed to allow the leave in some other cases. Leaving the table without allowance or also a long-time standing by the table can lead to disqualification.

12) In case of throwing up there are buckets prepared under the tables. Throwing up equals disqualification!

13) Final results are evaluated by the round the contestant fell off. In case of multiple fall-off in one round time and amount of unfinished food will be the decisive factors.